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Your success is important to us.  We offer complete instruction, onsite sales assistance and ongoing consultation.  We know what it takes to make this business run profitably and have the knowledge, experience, equipment and systems already in place, tested and ready to work for you.  

Take a look around our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts to gain perspective on our business.  If you are in the area of an upcoming event, come out to meet us and watch our operations. Then reach out to us to let us know of your interest in becoming a Licensee.  A representative will contact you to review the application to help determine if the franchise is a good fit.

Become a Cruising Cones Licensee and run your own business in a rewarding atmosphere!  Work from home and set you own schedule of when and where you will work. A Cruising Cones License allows for flexibility in operating locations and times.  Have fun while generating a great income on your own schedule. Plus all the ice cream you can eat!!!


As a relatively new business opportunity, this is a true ground floor chance for self-motivated individuals to create their own level of success and profitability with a proven model of success. With limited Licensees at this time, the territory availability is nearly unlimited.  Get in on the ground floor of this profitable and fun business!

Opening a Cruising Cones business requires a strong personal commitment and active involvement in operations. Licensee approval is based on a number of factors, including integrity, personal and financial qualifications, and a high level of energy, positive attitude, dedication and self-motivation.  To ensure that our franchisees will be able to qualify with both lenders and event coordinators, and begin being profitable at the start, we require that those interested in a License opportunity have at least $ 100,000 in liquid capital and a $300,000 net worth.

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